Kim Sae-yeon Crowned 2019 Miss Korea

Kim Sae-yeon Crowned 2019 Miss Korea

By Florence Hllary 0 Comment July 12, 2019

Kim Sae-yeon, 20, from the United States, won the 2019 Miss Korea competition held in the Grand Peace Hall at Kyung Hee University, Thursday.

The six runners-up were: Shin Yoon-ah, 22, from Seoul; Lee Hye-ju, 21, from Daegu; Shin Hye-ji, 23, from Seoul; Woo Hee-jun, 25, from Busan and Ulsan; Lee Da-hyun, 22, from Seoul; and Lee Ha-nuey, 23, from Daegu.

The Miss Korea 2019 competition is also being criticized for excessively revealing outfits during the Hanbok fashion show that was held in place of the swimsuit show.

The netizens claimed that the outfits looked more like corsets. Even the long dresses were cut on the side to reveal the legs and it was very difficult to tell if the outfit was indeed a hanbok.

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